Product Photography

I was asked by the great folks at Comes with Baggage to shoot product photography for the brand.

For the session we opted to take things outside and see what would could capture on the streets of New York City – always an experience in and of itself. Below you’ll find a few shots from the shoot.



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New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is a playground for a photographer. There are well dressed peopled buzzing around Lincoln Center, and more importantly, they are more than happy to have their photo taken.

These are just a few of the snaps I caught during week.

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Street Style Fashion

Here are two of my latest street style fashion shots.

The first wasn’t planned, but after seeing this woman on the subway platform I couldn’t help but take the photo.

While walking in SoHo I saw this enormous dog laying next to it’s owner and it was one of those, “I can’t not take a photo of this” moments.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not only expensive for the bride and groom – or their parents – it’s a high pressure game for the photographer on hand. You are, in theory, there to capture the moments of the day – the ones that are gone just as fast as they arrived. Sure, some shots are staged, but a vast majority of them are not.

I attended an Indian wedding last weekend, and after the bride and groom changed into more traditional attire, I snapped this shot during their first dance. Note: I wasn’t there as a shooter – just a guest – and I wasn’t using flash, or even the correct lens for that matter.

I’m just happy to have been in the right place at the right time to capture this shot for the bride and groom.

Headshots in the Park

Emily needed some new headshots so we met one afternoon in Central Park to snap a few. We shot in various locations, but the two photos below were taken while she was partially covered by a bridge in the park. It created a nice natural lighting situation and she now has a number of headshots to choose from.

As always, the shots aren’t heavily edited, if at all.

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New Camera and a Quick Self Portrait

When I bought my first SLR I opted for a medium grade body (Canon) and invested more in the way of lenses.

As my camera needs have grown I’ve been thinking about upgrading bodies, but honestly, the price to do so was pretty high, especially since I was looking at buying the Canon 5d Mark iii.

I bit the bullet and made the purchase over the weekend and while out tooling around I snapped this quick reflective self portrait. It’s what everyone does while walking down an empty Crosby Street in New York City, right?

Ryan Shell


Conan Junior

In addition to doing traditional model/actor shoots, I also do a lot of street style shooting for my fashion blog.

NYC PhotographerI took this photograph in Greenwich Village a few weeks back and the first thing that caught my eye was how these two guys seemed to have coordinated hats and jackets. But, at second glance, look at the guy on the right – doesn’t he look like a Conan Junior?

Two Shots in NYT Style Feature

The New York Times has street style feature they run online each week in the Style section.

Each week they have a different theme and allow readers to submit photos that match whatever the theme is. The times staff then picks the “best” and publishes them on the site.

I opted to submit a couple shots last week and they were included in the feature. How cool is that?! A screenshot of one of each can be seen below. And, if you’re wondering, the theme for the week was “flats” (as in, flat shoes).

Blogger Night Out Shots

Blogger Night Out is an event for fashion bloggers that is held during with New York Fashion Week.

It’s a great event that always promises great style, and tons of people that are used to having their photo taken.

I know the girls that run the event, and their photographer canceled at the last minute (literally), so I ended up shooting the event. These are just a few of the shots snapped.

Blogger Night Out

Fashables Blogger Night Out

Fashables Blogger Night Out

Blogger Night Out