Old Building Shoot

Meet Natalie. I randomly took her photo one day in SoHo for a street style post on Fashables. From there, a photo shoot eventually evolved and some of the shots we captured can be seen below.

The shoot took place on a dark, rainy day in NYC, but we still managed to pull off some good shots.

It’s amazing how adding a little scarf creates texture. I’m also a fan of the yellow popping off the wall.

Again, we were working with very low light. It just so happened that her toenail polish was almost the same color as the orange spot on the wall in the background.

Love this shot. Industrial chic might be a good way to describe it.

“Hey, let’s use that latter as a prop.”

Nothing like a colorful wall of peeling paint to use as a backdrop.

This is just a sampling of the shots we took; I’ll put more up at a later date.


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